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Ridders Coffee Roastery

Ridders Kaffee Rösterie

Ridders Coffee Roastery located in Berlin is one of those amazing treats that one can discover if you are willing to look beyond the outwards visuals and concentrate on the what is really important and that's coffee.

I love coffee. When I was working in the kitchens, like most Chef's I would drink roughly a pot of coffee every shift and it was critical that it not only tasted great but kept me going through to the end of the day. But I digress, Coffee is Brilliant. Not much else to say other then this. But what makes Ridders stand out so much for me is, not only is the coffee amazing, not only are they roasting the coffee daily right there in front of you, what truly stands out is how real it is. I love when I see people that really love what they do. Ridders is that place, no pretension, no fakeness about it. Real coffee done with passion and brilliance.

If you are looking for a half caff, non fat latte this is not the place for you. Also, most likely not the place you are going to hang out for a few hours chatting with your friends. However, it's a small thing....there are so many great varieties of coffee that they roast and we have tried a few at home, but I wish that I would be able to pick from more then the house variety. It's nothing against the house variety, it's worth traveling from all the corners of Berlin to try but what can I say other then greener pastures and all that.....

Ridders Kaffeerösterei if you are here in Germany is located at Schmiljanstraße 13 12161 Berlin which is close to U-Bahn Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz (U9). Well worth the visit trust me you won't be disappointed.


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