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GM 26 - Shabby-Chic Amazing-ness

The problem I have with the review is fairness. In that I want to be fair without being overly critical, GM 26 is without a doubt a very cool looking/feeling cafe/restaurant and maybe because it looks so great that my expectation was simply too high for the food.

My wife and I went to GM 26 for breakfast and while they have food it is clear that most of the focus of the place is on drinks; which, I have to say is fantastic with the highlight for me being that they have really tasty coffee, which is essential in my life. The indoors is a amazingly decorated as the outside with fantastic corners and shabby-chic things spread throughout the cafe.

Before I get too far into this that it seems that I think the food was bad, I actually though that the food was actually okay to good but it just didn't rise to the level that the rest of the restaurant seemed to be at. A case in point is the guacamole, we ordered some fresh veggies and the dipping sauce that we ordered was guacamole. It was fine, it had a fresh taste and the consistency was also fine....That's about it. But there wasn't any flavor or salt, in fact the best way to describe it is that it was wet.

Now not everything that we ordered was just fine. The goat cheese with nuts was great but the omelette was by far the best part of the meal, it was well seasoned and was very flavorful. The buns were okay as was the cheese and the jam, there wasn't anything wrong with anything in just didn't measure up to the rest of the restaurant. Having okay food in a spectacular looking restaurant just shouldn't happen and maybe as I look back at my experience what grates on me is that GM 26 breaks one of the basic laws of good restauranting (I know it's not a word but go with it) I learned when i started to manage my own places, the decor, the ambiance, the kitchen, the menu and the service should all be about the same level.

Speaking of which the service which does match the fantastic decorum of the restaurant. They were extremely friendly, caring staff that seemed to really work hard and take pride in what they do, really great people.

Overall it wasn't a disappointing experience and it's a place that I would always recommend for people to go to if they were in the Friedenau area of Berlin. The ambiance is great, the people are amazing and while the food won't necessarily blow you away, it won't ruin your experience either.


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