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Wheaty - Vegan Superhero Burger and Bacon

Superhero Burger and Bacon, it's almost like Wheaty's is speaking directly to me at this point.

I grew up in Canada. A country that loves its burgers, its bacon and it was a Canadian that co-created Superman. So you can say that it was almost with a sense of duty to the country that I grew up in that I try these products out.

Wheaty is one of the largest suppliers of Seitan manufacturers (at least that how it seems to me) in Germany. They have a wide range of products, most of which are good. (though I have to confess not all of them) And generally speaking, I am a fan of their products. I like Seitan and while I don't consume Seitan as much as I once did, I find that on occasion, it's fantastic.

One of my favorite things about the Wheatys product line is that most of their products contain what I call real food, there typically isn't "natural" flavor or food coloring added and while having to do a bit of research from time to time (mostly translating) I know that I can usually feel really good about eating one of their products.

And these to products continue that trend, with the only products that might give one a moment to pause is ölsäurereiches or High Oleic which the current studies seem to conclude is actually okay for people to consume unlike trans fats and Flohsamenpulver which translates to Flea Seed powder but most likely (almost for certian) means Psyllium a natural product that has been recommended to people with diabetes and is often used as a laxative or to thicken products... let us hope that in this case it's just being used for thickening purposes.

What initially intrigued me about these products was first the name; Superhero, will always make me look twice and second Seitan bacon. This intrigues me as most of the "bacon" that I have made for myself has been tempeh based and while I have enjoyed it by using a Seitan based product I thought that they texture might more closely resemble that of bacon itself.

Unpacked the contents look a okay. And while the "bacon" doesn't look at all like bacon (least not how I remember) the burger actually does look like an already cooked burger.

But it's in the next step that I encounter my first difficulty. I wanted to fry one of the pieces of bacon and give it a try on its own just to get a sense of the flavor of the product. And then this happened.

In fact, I couldn't get one single complete piece. I used a knife sharp knife to gently try and get in between the slices and nothing. Uncooked the bacon is simply to soft to hold together. After cooking it's a slightly different matter, the product is crispy, flavorful and incredibly well balanced. Sometimes with these products all you can taste is a fake smoke flavor and while this had a smoky flavor it didn't overpower the entire dish. Again once cooked, the consistency was great, flavor was amazing and the product had a very satisfying crispness to it.

The burgers were great. Consistency was spot on, flavor was excellent and the product felt juicy and satisfying, though the only complaint being the size at 100 grams each burger they will be a little too small for most (at least those big eaters out there).

Overall, a very satisfying burger experience. The bacon added a bit of crispness and smoke and the burger was really excellent, juicy, flavorful and a perfect texture.


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