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VeggieFrisch Bratwürste By Veggie Life


Company Name: Veggie Life Where I Bought It: Rewe

Main Ingredient: Soy and Gluten Rating: 4/5 Main Issue: No real depth of flavor


Tofu Town which is the parent company of Veggie Life is one of those rare breeds of large corporations that seemingly have good values and ethics. Whenever, I open a box of one of their products whether it be by Veggie Life or one of their other companies, I am constantly surprised by the fulfillment of my consumer/producer promise. Which is, I buy your product from you and in turn I get a product that not only looks like it does in pictures but is tasty and that the company isn't some horrible business trying to destroy the world for profit. That's not a real promise that companies make but it is how we as a society choose to spend our money that sets the agreement between the two parties. If as a society we spend our money on shitty products from big companies that only care about making as much money as possible, we are setting a different type of contract. A contract that says, 'we will buy what ever shit you give us and only care mildly about you destroying the world'.

Back on topic, one of the first things you notice about the Veggiefrisch Bratwürste is the size. They are huge... I mean really big....Which I have to say, was a big plus. I love to eat and what is more I love to eat something that tastes great, has a good consistency and just makes me smile when I eat it. And the Bratwürste does this in spades. The consistency is a perfect blend of both smoothness and something a bit more "meaty" which is to say hearty.

Normally, I do like a product that is versatile, not committed to one particular flavor so that I can manipulate the product to fit my mood or desired outcome. However, my only real problem was that while it tasted good, the Bratwürst was a bit too neutral flavored for me, it definitely needs a good mustard or sauce in order to carry the dish. And looking at the ingredient list that may be exactly what Veggie Life was aiming for. So can I really complain if the desired out come of the product is that it has a relatively neutral taste? In this case, yes. And it was only a small complaint. Almost non existent.


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