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Veggie Burger by any other name...

Should non meat products contain meat terms? Veggie Hack? Veggie Burger? Does this somehow confuse people?

Clitravi, an organization in the EU that represents the meat industry thinks so. But what about the rest of us. Surely when I order my veggie burger at my local veggie burger malt shop, I have become confused and somehow though being a vegetarian stumbled and ordered the wrong thing? No, I know that the meat industry isn’t worried about me and most likely you. But what do they really believe that the average meat consumer gets confused by the term veggie burger? And thinks somehow there’s actually meat in the burger?

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So yeah, Clitravi believe that the average meat eater get confused at terms like Veggie Hack or Veggie Steak even and as such vegetarian manufacturers of veggie products line should change the names. Veggie Crumble or Veggie Disk

There are many issues for me tied up in these ongoing discussions between the EVU (European Vegetarian Union) and the FDE (FoodandDrinkEurope) which Clitravi is a member; but I slowly roll the points and get to the main issue. Money.

- Firstly no one is confused by the labeling....NO ONE! Veggie Wurst (here in Germany) not one German, tourist or foreigner is confused into thinking that they are buying a regular wurst.(whether you speak German or not).

- It scares me that politicians like the German Agricultural Minster Christian Schmidt or the people at Clitravi think that consumers are confused by this.

- It scares me more that this is more likely tied to money. In the EU and in particular Germany vegan and vegetarianism is booming, with more and more options and restaurants dedicated to vegetarianism, there seems to be no stopping this “movement” (though i do worry that more then a few vegetarians are vegetarians because at the moment it’s “IN” but that’s a side point. But still something to consider). And this increasing focus on vegetarianism has had a dramatic effect on the meat producing industries. Which is what Clitravi represents. Meat.

And this brings me back to what is being proposed at the EU level. Disguised as being concerned for customers these bodies are trying to take a nothing issue like what the name of a veggie burger should be called (they know that veggie flat circle won’t sell as well) make it into an issue, wrap it up as important for the customers and make it into law. But the real issue, the result that they really want is to make sure that they continue to make money.

Which isn’t really a problem (of course I would prefer if farmers just kept cows as their buddies) but if it wasn’t for the dishonesty of it all. Of course, every one know that an organization like Clitravi is looking after it’s clients so that’s no surprise but what makes me pause is Herr Schmidt. A politician, whom I would think should have more pressing issues to talk about. (Bayer buying Monsanto) (F*CK Monsanto). And this more then anything is what bothers me. Time that is better spent. Time at the EU level, time at the German government level, the Italian level (their ag representative also wants to change the name of veggie products). There is so much that is on the brink right now, not just in the world in term of terrorism but also in terms of our food safety and security. And that’s what has to be looked at more. In 50 years are the large population that we will have going to be able to eat? And at these government levels every conversation that the government has or doesn’t have will make an impact down the line. In many further generations.


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