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VBites Southern Fried "Chicken" Style Burger


Business Name: VBites Where to buy it: (in England) or (Europe)

Main Ingredient: Wheat Protein and Pea Protein Rating: 4/5


When I look at buying a new product, one that I have never tried before, I look for a couple of things. First, what makes it different then something that I have tried before and liked? Does it bring about an emotional response in me, for instance is there some happy memory of when I was a kid or a particular moment in my life? And lastly is there something really cool that I could do with it? If something ticks at least one of those boxes, I will give it a try. Sometimes this process fails me and I end up with a horrid lunch but sometimes this process surprises me, as in the case of VBites, Southern Fried "Chicken" Burger.

I can't say specifically what the emotional response was when I saw this product but there was a definite response, a distant foggy memory that seems to sit just beyond the realm of sight but is without a doubt there. I love fried and crunchy things, much more then I should but there is something satisfying when you bite into something and this crunch happens, one that is both greasy and salty. Until recently, as one might guess, I have had a serious affair with potato chips for just this reason.

Another part that drew me to this product was the pea protein. I have a curiosity when it comes to the Pea protein, one that has many layers and different thoughts but until I know more, I can only start to look at the pea protein with a certain amount of interest.

There is no obvious reason for this but I have to admit I was a little more then worried that I was going to have a dud on my hand when I first bought the Burgers. Even, when I opened the package, as a bit of the crispy outer had fallen off and what was left underneath seemed like I was doomed to need a lot of sauce or effort to turn the burgers into something that was somewhat eatable.

Luckily for me this wasn't the case, the product was nicely crunchy and perfectly seasoned. Though, I wouldn't be able to distinctly pull out any one flavor, the overall texture and flavor was very pleasant. Keep in mind that this more of a quick burger meal then something gourmet (or a least I thought at the time) and so a simple white bun, with vegan mayo seemed the way to go.

I bit into the white bun, with the vegan mayo and hit that crunchy bit with the greatest of joy on my face, it was that perfect balance of greasy and salty without being overdone, which is all to often the case with fried foods. But, as one bite lead to another, I had a thought, there was a slight hint of pepper or some type of "heat" and I wondered could this burger be something more then just a plain white bun, greasy spoon delight?

I made a quick, fresh herb and lemon vegan mayo and took some arugula and made something a little more sit down with your spouse

and talk about your day with a glass of white wine or great beer. The result was something truly brilliant and tasty, not only was it something that I COULD have shared with my wife, I soon thought of so many other possibilities that I could use Vbites Southern Fried "Chicken" style burger for. So this is one product that will become a regular in our household.


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