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Tiger Club - Vietnamese Vegan Restaurant

I always try my best to find the great parts in all the restaurants and products that I review, sometimes I fail and have to admit when a restaurant or product is terrible but most of the time I can find something that I like. However, there are times when I come across something and it just lights my face up with pure joy and pinpoints what going out for a meal should be, pure happiness.

I love all types of dinning experiences, from the formal to the street food but the one dinning experience that I love most is the family restaurant. Maybe it's because I grew up with friends that their parents owned restaurants and have spent so much time in my teenage years in these family restaurant environments that I have a particular fondness for them. Or maybe at my heart I simply admire the strength it takes of getting a family business going that I enjoy but most likely it's both the memories and admiration that takes a special place in my heart.

The Tiger Club restaurant looks at least from the customers point of view as a family restaurant, kids doing homework in the corner trying their best to be quiet and not get in the way, the hard working parents investing their time and most likely all of their money in starting a restaurant and sacrificing so much just to try and make a better life then that which they had. Maybe I project but I do know family restaurants, I know the people behind the scenes, the tears that comes about and the sacrifices that no one thinks of.

There are many different versions of a family restaurant that exist, but the ones that I know best are the ones that no only want to make some money but are also the ones that take an immense amount of pride in what they do and from the moment I sat down at the Tiger Club this was evident

The look of the Restaurant is what I would describe as simple eloquence or maybe just tasteful. Fresh basil decorate the tables and the chairs and tables inside are very comfortable. The benches on the outside have that fresh, brand new feeling about them and look and feel great. But some of the most notable examples of excellence was the menu and silverware. Both of which are underappreciated by most; however, all you have to do is go to a restaurant that takes a lot of pride in their silverware and menus and it's a subliminal message that the cooks/owners take just as much pride in their food.

The server was fantastic. She was attentive without being overpowering, friendly without being fake and caring. While my wife and I were there the place went from empty to full quite quickly, this normally brings about a tremendous amount of stress on a single server not to mention one that is also making all the amazing smoothies (more on this later). The entire time of this rush, she kept a smile on her face and a friendly demeanor, both of which I failed at when I used to get slammed like that.

First up was the smoothies. Amazing, breathtaking, stunning and crazy over the top delicious are just a few of the words to describe the smoothies. I had the Cinnamon Tiger which was, cinnamon, banana, oatmeal, dates and almond milk. My wife had the Avocado Tiger which was avocado, housemade vegan condensed milk (seriously!!) and cold Vietnamese style Almond milk. These drinks are worth the trip alone to the Tiger Club.

We started with Bo Bia or more commonly in English Vietnamese Salad Rolls. These where some of the best examples of salad rolls that I have eaten, the veggies inside tasted fresh, the glass noodles had structure without being chewy and the dipping sauce was so good, I could have eaten the sauce like a soup.

One of the mains that we had was Coconut and Lychee, which was fresh veggies, edamame beans, corn, tofu, lychee, lemon with a flavorful coconut sauce, served with rice and an unnamed mango/lychee sauce (seriously amazing). The dish itself was a mixture of a bit spicy and rich, the lychee fruit added a nice contrast to the tofu and the corn added a bit of sweetness to the coconut milk. A very creative and exceptionally tasty dish.

The other main was Com Nghe which was Turmeric Fried Rice with corn, edamame beans, carrots and marinated tempeh. All of the previous food and drinks that we had were so incredible but there had to be one dish that didn't quite measure up and for me it was this dish. The rice and veggies alone where brilliant, every bit as good as the other dishes and drinks; however, the tempeh wasn't quite as good as I had hoped. Some pieces tasted excellent but some tasted a little under cooked, so the texture and flavor were just a little off. But like I said the rice and veggies themselves were so good, I have never had turmeric fried rice before and I couldn't imagine how it could be any better!

Overall this was a dream dinning experience! Tasty, unique food cooked and served with pride. I would highly (as highly as possible) recommend that you make your way to this restaurant. Located in Steglitz, Berlin at Deitmerstrasse 13 at the U9 station Schloßstr.


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