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Taifun-Tofu - Black Forest

In Berlin we have no shortage of Tofu options, smoked, mixed nuts, mixed with herbs, regular, firm, fried, soft and so many varieties; a regular rainbow of choice.

And while I don't believe that people should eat tofu all the time, I do enjoy the right tofu for the dish. But there is something different with this Tofu. A one sided love affair, a secretive love pact between me and the tofu and sadly, a heart break ever time the package is emptied but when I walk into store again, hope and a re-emergence of love.

Taifun's Black Forest Tofu is the best tofu, I have ever had.

I simply can't say more. Rarely can I eat a tofu without cooking it first and adding sauces and spices but this tofu, half of it is gone before I start cooking.

It is important to say that the Black Forest tofu, isn't for every situation. Sweet and Sour Tofu, for instance wouldn't work but if you keep in mind that the Tofu is so good that you don't need to cover it up with thick sauces. For instance, today I lightly fried the Black Forest Tofu, added some veggies, seasoned with salt and pepper and steamed till the veggies are cooked and finished with a shot of lemon juice.

That was it and F'N amazing!!


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