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Rogan Josh - Sanchon

I love Sanchon! Every product that I have tried has been amazing, really brilliant, I mean so good it's crazy and it's all organic which is even better. I had never heard of Rogan Josh before purchasing the sauce. I am always up for a food adventure so, I went for it.

Rogan Josh was most likely originally a Mughal (Mogul) dish. In doing some research on Rogan Josh, I learnt that the advent of tomato in the curry sauce is

a western invention and not at all authentic; however, the dish typically has chilies, clove, cinnamon, bay leave and cardamom. One of the main reasons that I may not have heard about the dish is that traditional the sauce also contains stewed goat, lamb or beef. All of which makes me sad....

Anyways, Sanchon product are damn good and Rogan Josh while tomato based is just that damn good. A great mixture of spice and flavor with fantastic aromatic flavors that dominate (in a good way) the heat of the chilies. There are bits of onion, red pepper and green beans in there and I have to say that while it is a bit of scavenger hunt to find the red peppers the green beans are in fact perfectly cook, cooked with out being mushy, which is it of itself a trick.

What strikes me most about this Rogan Josh sauce (keep in mind I don't have a frame of reference) is the complexity of the sauce. There is a nice heat with the cayenne pepper but the real complexity of the dish and the star is the spices: tamarind, nutmeg, clove, cardamom and cinnamon. With the right blend to add a depth of flavor that verges on being too much without crossing that line.

Rogan Josh by Sanchon is a winner. Not much else can be said. I took some tofu slices and marinated them in a bit of the sauce and grilled them on a little indoor was ridiculously good!!


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