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Rügenwalder Mühle Sandwich Vegetarischer Schinken Spicker Bunter Pfeffer - Vegetarian mix color pepp

Pre-made sandwiches are one of the worst food trends. Ever. However, I often think to myself that I should be more open, more willing to take my judgements and simply suppress them and maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

(Spoiler: I wasn't)

Pre-made sandwiches are a billion dollar industry (shockingly), so maybe I'm wrong, maybe there are fantastic pre-made sandwiches. And how convenient would it be to find a sandwich that is already made. Granted, I could make a fresh sandwich for far less with better ingredients but let's suspend this idea for a moment.

I want to add that while this product contains Rügenwalder Mühle product, it is actually manufactured by Farbry's Food & Snack.

So on to the sandwich itself. (Deep breathe) I hate being negative but sometimes you come across something that being positive would be a disservice to anyone reading this article.

This product is bad. Sitting even now, trying my best to think of something to make this review even a little positive, I draw a blank. The flashing cursor encouraging to be honest.

The bread was both dried in places and soggy, the flavor of the mayo (which was overloaded) was so bad it was insulting to the vegetarian ham, the vegetarian ham couldn't be tasted because it was too timid from the assault the mayo was engaging in and the finely diced tomato tasted wet. (no other flavor). The ingredient list reads like a mystery novel filled with both color and "natural" flavor. And the greatest of all sins, it tasted old.

The expiry date listed was the 25th of August, which is 11 days away!! Which sadly means it's not as old as I thought.

I know that there are reasons why people by pre-made sandwiches and I know that taste isn't usually one of those reasons. But I just can't think of why, anyone, anywhere would want to buy this product. It tastes bad, it's not inexpensive and it's really not fresh.


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