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Quorn - Chicken Style Burger

Once in a while, when I try and a new product out, not only do I get a chance to not only eat something really fantastic but I also get a chance to learn something.

Quorn Chicken Style Burger is fantastic, really, really good and I will get to that in a moment. However, one of the most impressive; though for me until now, unknown parts of the Quorn recipe is something called Mycoprotein. Without getting into too much of the science (as I am sure I would make a least 1 mistake) Mycoprotein is derived from fungus (not mushroom) and is a loaded with proteins without much fat. In fact, one serving of Mycoprotein provides better sense of being full than meats, while excellent protein with about half of the calories.

There is a lot to unpack when talking about any Quorn product. Most Quorn products are vegetarian not vegan, with egg being the non vegan ingredient and while there are lots of information and misinformation out there about Quorn and Mycoprotein in particular seems pretty safe.

But for me the real test is in the flavor. Thankfully!

I can be a "mark" for good packaging and maybe that's why I sometimes bypassed Quorn products. The Packaging doesn't necessarily speak to me (with that being said the orange is the same color as Buddhist robes, which is something) and the name isn't something that meant anything to me either, much is the reason I stopped eating Häagen-Dazs. (of course the dairy reasons too)

But looking past the packaging on anything in life is of benefit, Quorn delivers a really nice looking product, even before cooking. Nicely breaded with what I hope is black pepper bit adding a bit of color.

But before getting to the flavor I have to say that one of the biggest downs for me is the list of ingredients. Things like "natural aroma" and "firming agent" hardly speak of a natural product but then again Quorn isn't suggesting it's a natural product, only a meat substitute.

At any case the flavor is amazing. Crispy, slightly peppery shell with a slightly textured interior that has a mild flavor. Quorn Chicken Style Burgers have nailed the most important part of any breaded and fried product, the coating.

One of the characteristics of myself that I like and also don't like sometimes is that I am uncomfortable not knowing something and for some reason I just can't wrap my head around Mycoprotein. I have; however, spent a good few hours researching the history of the fungus, the origins and its use today. Everything I read including the parent company that owns Quorn, Monde Nissin, suggests that the company is trying to be a strong voice for vegetarians and making an ethical product. And maybe products like this are the future, the question that comes for me is, am I ready for the future?


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