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Peaceful Delicious Tempeh Burgers

I love this product! I love this company!

I get unnecessarily giddy when I cook, eat or look at tempeh. It's a silly fact of life for me and in truth it is something I had been missing of my life in North America, it was hard to find really good and interesting tempeh. There was the stuff that was in the Bio Stores, which was fine, though it lacked distinct flavor and was rather expensive, boring but fine.

Thankfully I discovered Peaceful Delicious and there amazing, fantastic and brilliant tempeh line. I tried out their burgers which was more "traditional" than some of their other product range. Three wonderful, simple ingredients make up these tempeh patties. Soy Beans, Apple Vinegar (both of which are organic) and Rhizopus Oligosporus which is the tempeh culture needed to take the soy beans and transform (ferment) them in to tempeh. That's it!

The packaging is gorgeous, simple and clear. Each package contains three burger patties and can be bought at

Notice, that you can still see each bean and the space between the beans is filled in with myceilum (fungus) or white stuff, enough to bind the beans without over-powering them. The color is rich and vibrant (not Photoshop) and has a pleasant light fungus smell (which is the smell it should have) and did I mention it looks so beautiful!

Now you should never eat tempeh raw, but my first try of the these tempeh burgers, I ripped a small corner of the burger and fried it for a few minutes on each side. And while a natural, unflavored tempeh product won't have much taste, it will still have some and this is what made me so excited for this product, as I knew when I tried this little pieces that I was going to really enjoy this burger.

I marinated my burger patties in a BBQ Sauce, and it was in the marinate for about 1.5 hours, you can marinate yours for a little less about an hour but I had a burger bun emergency that pulled my focus a little.

I also made some coconut onion rings for the burger and a vegan bbq mayo sauce.

And what a joy it was to eat this burger. I can tell you that rarely does expectation meet up with reality but in this case the reality was even better than what I had been expecting. It was sheer joy and I couldn't recommend a product more, sheer joy in cooking and eating!!


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