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My Favorite Ice Cream Shop

Throughout Berlin there is never a shortage of really great Ice Cream shops and cafe's. In my neighborhood alone there are at least 2 that are really amazing. Shout out to Henry's, whom I will write about in the not so distant future.

But right now I'm going to talk about Nunzio Cafe. Which is located at Muthesiusstraße 1, in Steglitz.

Being that it's still at the beginning of March, Nunzio's doesn't have it's normal selection of amazing ice cream, but that doesn't mean it's not amazing. But there is so much more to Nunzio, focusing on small suppliers, Nunzio has amazing Coffee's (from a nearby amazing roasterie called Riddlers). All ingredients seem to be picked particularly for their quality and made in house. You add the fact that all the milk in house is organic and you are speaking to my heart.

Ice Cream

This particular day, I had chocolate brownie and my wife had hazelnut. Both were just incredible. (Of course i had several samples of the hazelnut) Normally I'm not a fan of chocolate anything. Just not a fan, but there was something about this that was really calling and it didn't disappoint. Creamy, rich, full of flavor without being overly sweet, add a few brownie chunks to give it that chunky dimension that I love and I had eaten as close to a perfect scoop of ice cream as you can get that day. Add to that one of the very best waffle cones (amazing really, I could just eat the waffle cones by themselves), and going to Nunzio's for an ice cream cone is like letting your taste buds go for a walk on a beautiful beach.

When I do eat ice cream it's a particular strong desire that i must fulfill as often afterwards I pay the price as lactose isn't my friend. So when I do eat ice cream it better be amazing as it wouldn't be worth it otherwise, and Nunzio's ice cream delivers. A bit more expensive then some other places, at 1.40 a scoop but worth every dime, add the fact that's it's made in the kitchen of the cafe makes it even more amazing. Also a worth noting about the price if you buy a Ben and Jerry's or Hagen Dass bucket of ice cream you pay around 5.99 for a product that while might taste great (though i find it both to be too sweet) for just .50 cents more you can get a bucket of organic, freshly produced by a small independent ice cream manufacturer.

The other part of the Nunzio's that really starts to differentiate itself from other ice cream cafes is the interior. Amazing, shabby chic all pieces seem to be picked with care and precision creating a wonderful warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Nunzio's Cafe

Nunzio's is worth the trip, no matter where in Berlin you are located it's a highlight.


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