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Miss Wu - Chinese Restaurant

Anytime you can get away from the Western (American) Chinese food and dive into more "authentic" Chinese food, it is a good thing. Chinese food as we think of it doesn't really exist; like German food, Chinese food is all about the regions. Some regions like Sichuan (formally spelled Szechwan) like the food to be a bit spicy, they include chilies and incredibly fresh ingredients while a region like Guangdong (Cantonese) generally speaking is lighter and a bit sweet with lots of seafood.

So I can't say specifically that Miss Wu's is 100% authentic but it is far closer then most and it is in this reach to be more authentic that Miss Wu's really shines, of course I can only speak to it's vegetarian/vegan foods but they are great...

Miss Wu's is located near Domäne Dahelm at Königin-Luise-Straßee 71 and is a well decorated and very comfortable location with lots of outdoor seating. The menu consists of mostly meat dishes though it does have a dedicated vegetarian section.

On this day, my wife and I ordered Vegetarian fried dumplings, cucumber salad with signature dip and Shaolin Temple dish.

All of them were excellent but the real winner was the Shaolin Temple dish.

First the cucumber salad

While the flavor was fantastic and the slightly salty/spicy sauce is on another level, the failing for me of the dish was the difficulty of eating the dish. The cucumbers will thinly sliced where in fact still attached to one another; however, this caused me ample problems, needing to use both the chopsticks and fork to rip it into manageable (no knife is provided) bit sized pieces, I ended up splashing what felt like half of the thin sauce on the table cloth.

The fried dumplings for me were fantastic. Though a bit plain looking on the plate they were loaded with fresh flavor and a perfect combination of crispiness and juiciness.

What can I say other then, this dish alone is worth a trip from anywhere in Berlin. A fantastic dish, fresh veggies mixed with crisp sojablätter (roughly translated to soy sheets?) and a delicate but flavorful sauce. I can honestly say that it has been a long time (maybe since i was in Korea) that I enjoyed a dish that while seemingly a simple veggie and protein dish contained so much amazing flavor and a perfect delicate balance. Just brilliant.


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