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Lucky Vegan Mystery Vegan Box!!

For those that don't know a "Mystery Box" is quite literally a box that's contents are unknown to you, or a "Mystery". Normally I have associated these mystery boxes with collector toys or superhero things (not my world) so I have never actually gotten a Mystery Box before, but after seeing an ad from Govinda's Natural products (one of my favorites here in Germany) I got super excited and it was without any hesitation that I signed up.

Lucky Vegan ( is a business based here in Germany, that ships a variety of "Mystery" boxes anywhere in the EU (sorry Canadian and American friends). There are 8 different Mystery Boxes to choose from, Gluten Free, Cosmetics, Sport and Original just to name a few. I got the Lucky Vegan Food Box and here are some pics from the opening...

There is so much to love about the Lucky Vegan Mystery Box! The products are excellent quality and while I am not 100% sure, I think all of the products where bio as well, or at least most of them. The variety of products is what really excited me, such a fantastic range of healthy foods to tasty little treats, from practical things like rice and granola to chocolate sheep (I love sheep, the only thing better would have been a cow) and protein bites.

Normally, I like to cover the both the positives and the negatives but Lucky for me there wasn't any negatives. The attention to detail is so fantastic and the products are well picked and from compaines that believe in what they are doing, not just in it for the money, which is also a bonus. Now this is my first Mystery Box and I already wonder, what next months box will look like. Lucky Vegan just earned themselves a fan!


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