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Like Meat - Filetstücke Hähnchen-Art (vegan chicken pieces)

Like Meat produces mostly gluten free and vegan meat alternatives with two products (Juicy Burger and Crispy Schnitzel) being vegan but not gluten free.

And while, I would disagree with the company claims that the product tastes both in flavor and texture just like chicken (though it has been more then a minute that I had chicken last)

I would say that it is a fantastic product that allows almost endless amounts of opportunities to create what ever your heart or mind desires. Low in fat, high in protein and loaded with flavor.

The product not only tastes great but has a much more pleasant texture then some other meat alternatives without tasting too much like meat. Which is a plus.

Even my wife, who hates meat alternatives, enjoyed both the flavor and texture of the product.

The only negative for me is Natural Aroma, which I understand isn't necessarily a bad thing but since it can be up to 80 different ingredients, I am still concerned. However, since I believe and trust in Like Meat it is not enough to make me think any less of the product or the company.

In fact, truthfully I have used several of their products and haven't found a flaw in any of them. All great.

Read here for my rant against Natural Aroma.

I thought I would go for a pasta dish to test the prodcut. Mostly, cause that's what I felt like and had the ingredients for. Berlin has been a bit cold lately (for me, I know I am Canadian but I strongly dislike cold) and I thought a creamy pasta would be great.

I started with Onions, Garlic, Broccoli, Mushroom and Peas and of course the Chicken Chunks...

I sauteed them together and splashed in a bit of sparkling wine. Cooked down for about 8min or so. I then added a bit of soy cooking cream (just what I had) and simmered with salt, veggie base and pepper. You can if you want use cow cream, same technique.

Simmer away.....about 5 to 10 min who want to reduce the cream....

Toss in your favorite pasta, penne (not my favorite again, just what I had) and mix well.


What can I say. Creamy, light and fantastic, the Like Meat not-chicken chunks held up to frying, simmering and some other general abuse while delivering great flavor and texture without needing to dominate the dish. Simply put you can't ask for more. Healthy and versatile.


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