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Kitchery (kitchari) - what is it and why do you eat it?

Kitchery is one of those dishes that few (unless you have been fortunate enough to live at a yoga center) have really ever eaten, let alone cooked. Kitchery is whole mung beans, basmati rice and spices. Simple. Kitchery has many different health benefits but of all the benefits the biggest one for me is ease of digestion. Sometimes life can throw so much shit your way that doing a little fast or staying away from too much fat and processed foods it a great way for you to recover some energy and help let your body recover a bit.

I believe simple is better, when it comes to Kitchery, so while there are many different recipes out there, I will give you one of the easiest and tastiest.

1/2 cup - Mung beans

1/2 cup - Basmati rice

Place the equal amounts of beans and rice in a large bowl and pour in cool water, don't be shy with the water. Add around three cups of water. Now let sit over night or at least 6 hours.

Drain the water out.

Place in a large pot, add the following things.

5 cups of water

1tbsp of tumeric

1 tbsp of cumin

1 tsp of mustard seeds

Seaweed or Salt


(the amount and what is up to you. I like spinach and carrot but remember this is something for your stomach, so avoid chilies, garlic and onion)

Now turn on the heat, to a med/low setting.

Now do some Asana or mediation (Asana is the movement in Yoga....not to confused with Yoga which is a philosophy - sort of a pet peeve of mine)

Stir every so often to ensure that there is enough water and it's not burning on the the bottom of the pan. If it is bubbling to hard turn it down.

After an hour or so the rice fall apart as does the mung beans and you are left with Kitchery!


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