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Gut Bio Hummus

Generally speaking I enjoy Aldi and specifically the GutBio vegetarian product line.....generally. I tried a trio of spreads, Hummus, Pepper and Cashew and Bruschetta, as a special release at Aldi. And sadly for me it was a miss.

Hummus GutBio

GutBio Hummus

The GutBio Hummus is a miss for me for a simple reason flavor or more specific the lack of. It does contain some of the necessary essentials for making a good Hummus, like garbanzo beans, apple juice and it may contain tahini (I say 'may' because while the label says it contains sesame it doesn't specifically say tahini and if the hummus does have tahini in it, it is not enough as I couldn't taste all.) other essentials like garlic and lemon seem to be left out either for cost cutting measures or simply they didn't feel it necessary.

Hummus on Bread

So what is left is a rather bland, neutral flavored, garbanzo paste. Which while not disgusting it doesn't give me a desire to buy another tin or even have more. It is so easy to have amazing and fresh dips and hummus here in Germany with so many Mediterranean and east Mediterranean cultures living here that the product needs to be of at least a certain standard and this one misses the mark. I appreciate the Aldi and GutBio that they have a strong desire to keep the costs down which does allow access to bio products that some may not be able to afford but skipping out on garlic and lemon seems like an unnecessary omission.

When eating of this product all I could really say was that I was eating something. It didn't taste bad, it just lacked any flavor that made it taste good. Completely neutral and if this was a water review that would be a good thing but it's not.

GutBio Pepper and Cashew Spread

I wanted to enjoy this, this is one of my favorite combos, add these to almost anything and it's a hit for me. Sadly however, like the hummus and spoiler alert the Bruschetta this lacked flavor. Not much to say other then this....GutBio nailed down the consistency and texture but in some baffling other dimension, it failed to have much flavor. It was a bad flavor but when you eating something and the best you can come up with was, well I'm full, maybe it just missed it's mark. Life is far too short to ever just think, at least I feel full.

GutBio Bruschetta

Just like the other two this left me ultimately unsatisfied. Neither bad nor good. Just there. Not really a glow of a review. However, this one had potential has a sauce enhancement product. But sadly that is as far as I can take this product. Enhancement. Something to make another sauce or spread better but adding some different flavors. Like making a cream sauce for pasta and turning it easily into a rose sauce. Yep enhancement. Like a champion boxer using me as a way of breaking a sweat.


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