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Gut Bio - Fresh Ravioli with Tomato and Mozza filling

Tasty filling but disappointing pasta dough.

Three a bit Brads is a bit generous but two things come together; first, after finally recovering from the flu I am in good spirits and two, the problems with the dish are easily fixed.

I am of course talking about Aldis' bio brand Gut Bio and their Ravioli. Tomato and Mozzarella.

I really liked the idea of this product, fresh pasta and ready in 5 min or 2 if you want to stick the whole thing including the plastic (please I beg, really on my knees beg don't do this!!!)

The filling while nice was also a bit confusing for me, it advertised Mozzarella on the package and yet it failed to have any distinct characteristics of Mozzarella or any other cheese (several are listed as being in the filling). So why be there. There was a slight creaminess to the filling which was the result of the added cheese but this can be achieved by other means and made me wonder while I was eating the Ravioli, Where is the Cheese? I had a Chef one time tell me that if I am going to add something to a dish, it must be able to stand out as a distinct flavor. I will say that the tomato flavor is really great and I know that some while say that Mozzarella added to that, I don't believe so. So the filling was okay to good.

The past dough itself was a different story. Tasteless and lifeless.

That is the whole story of the dough. About as basic of a dough as you can get. No salt added or even enough of the gluten in the flour developed to make the dough a bit firm. So, when you boil the Ravioli you get pasta that has zero flavor and sort of just is there to hold the dough in but offers nothing to the final product.

But here's where a 2 or 1 Brad rated product gets a bit of a bump to a 3.

There is a lot you can easily do with the Ravioli to make it taste really wonderful. Start by boiling the pasta for the five minutes (you don't have to but I always like it better this way.)

Drain the pasta water and cool down the pasta quickly with cold water and let drain completely. No drips of water to be left. Your hands will thank me later.

Get your trusty fry pan, get some oil hot and place the DRY Ravioli in the hot oil and fry for about 2 or min each side. Add some salt while they are frying. The only makes this Ravioli better but if you throw some pesto or red pepper coulis you get a really nice Ravioli dish.


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