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Govinda - Jackfruit ground "beef"


Company Name: Govinda Where I bought it: Alnatura

Main Ingredient: Jackfruit Rating: 5/5 Main Issue: Consistency


I love the company Govinda's. I really, really love it. I have eaten a few of their other products as well and I love them just as much as I love their Jackfruit product line. In fact I think I could dedicate this whole website to their products and be completely happy. They are flavorful, versatile and easy to use, which is always the best kind of product.

This is my second time trying out a Govinda's Jackfruit product, the previous one being Jackfruit cubes, which was ridiculously good and would recommend quickly rush out and buy them, again and again. So good.

Normally I like to say what I liked first; however, this time I am going to start with what I didn't like first because is such a small thing and barely worth mentioning but it will have an impact on some dishes, so I mention it. Consistency. Jackfruit is a fruit, so it shouldn't be a surprise that while a phenomenal product there will be some differences to the much more manufactured TVP (soya granulat). Maybe it is unfair of me to even hold it to the same standard but since it is designed to be a substitute for ground beef just as TVP is, I make the same comparisons.

The final product resembles more of shredded beef then of actual ground beef, which isn't really a problem for most dishes, even after simmering for more then 45 minutes the Jackfruit "ground beef" stayed in shape and while softer was still a great product to eat, . However, if you are looking for a particular texture of, a bit more of a "meaty" product (though I can't think of a single recipe off the top of my head that you would actually need that for) then this is most likely will not work.

But like I said hardly worth mentioning cause, I really can't think of anything that this product wouldn't work fine on.

What I liked was everything else. The flavor is fantastic, a great mixture of, being flavorful but not overpowering so that changing the flavors to fit what ever dish you are cooking is easy enough to do. The ease of preparation was fantastic as was the overall quality of the product. The spice mix that comes along with the dish, is perfect. Not over-dominating into any particular flavor profile (like Italian or Mexican) so that it really just adds a bit of extra flavor to what ever dish you are making. There isn't much to say other than, rush out and try it for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

I also tried it like a turnover.


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