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Georg Basilikum Bärlauch (Wild Garlic) Pesto - Vegan and Bio

I love Pesto, I love it so much that I gave up buying any pre-made pesto Sauce. I found that if I didn't do it myself, the pre-made pesto sauce lacked all the elements that made great pesto sauce, great.

Fresh, rich, flavorful with clean flavor. What I mean when I say "clean flavor" is I found some pesto sauces trying to hard, adding unnecessary ingredients or even artificial ingredients. But one of the biggest mistakes that most pre-made pesto sauce makes is salt. In that, when whom ever created the recipe tested it, they tested it with a spoon and adjusted the salt accordingly. However, most people eat pesto sauce with pasta, so the salt on most pre-made products is almost non-existent.

But this isn't a problem in Georg Basilikum Bärlauch Pesto sauce. In truth, Georg's Pesto sauce is simply one of the very best I have ever eaten.

Georg Basilikum Bärlauch consists of just 6 ingredients.

Olive Oil, Basil, Wild Garlic, Cedar Nuts (a variation of Pine Nut), Sea Salt and Lime Juice Concentrate. All bio, all f'n amazing.

One second on Georg Thalhammer's website one can see that the folk that develop the products there know what they are doing. They have accumulated 7 best new product awards from Biofach, one of the worlds largest bio (organic) trade fairs in the world and my guess is that they aren't done.

What makes this product so amazing is the attention to detail without trying to hard to be something it shouldn't be. Fresh, rich, flavorful with clean flavors, all the categories that make a pesto sauce great are nailed to perfection in this sauce. In Georg Thalhammer's mission statement they state that the quality ingredients are the most important part in making any of their products. It's in this dedication that you can taste what makes Georg Pesto so damn good. Fresh, rich, flavorful with clean flavor. Brilliant.


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