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Ganzes Brot - Best Rosinenschnecke (Raisin Snail?) and Apfeltasche (Apple Turnover) in Berlin!

If anyone has read any of my reviews, you know that rarely will I ever say something is the very best. The reason for this, is that I believe that just around the corner there could be a better one or that sometime in the future there may be a better version made. That's the amazing thing about food, there is always room to grow and improve. This all changed when I took my first bite of Ganzes Brot's Apple Turnover! The flavor, texture and general heaven that ensued after eating these magnificent treat, is phenomenal...And then it happened again when I tried their Rosinenschnecke, truly genius levels of good!

Ganzes Brot has a table at Winterfeldtplatz Market, there products are both pleasing in flavor but also in texture. The bread has a crispy outside and amazing flavor and their pastries are damn near perfect. They are all Organic and while they cost a bit more then some of their non organic counterparts their prices are amazingly responsible and considering the quality are actually inexpensive. There is nothing bad I can say about the company, other then I haven't been able to find their product outside of the Winterfeldtplatz Market on Saturdays. For those of you that live in some other part of the world and are planning one day to make a visit to Berlin, this is one stop that is well worth the trip, as it's one of those experiences that make Berlin one of the best cities in the world to live in. The whole market is fantastic but the Ganzes Brot booth is for me the highlight me. My wife and I often go there on Saturdays just for the booth and will brave snow, rain or crowds just to get some of their bread and pastries.


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