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Falafel Balls - Alnatura

Generally speaking I love Alnatura. Generally. They offer pretty good prices on Bio products and have a fantastic range of products that they offer, what could be better? However, with all that range and low(ish) prices there are products that just aren't that good, so how good would there Falafel balls be?

In a city full of easy and cheap options to grab a fantastic falafel there is some seriously difficult competition, so expectations are pretty high.

There is something unique about buying a falafel from one of the many stands and take-out only restaurants around Berlin, I don't know exactly what it is but there is a flavor and a crispiness that is both satisfying and wonderful. And while this doesn't measure up to some of those amazing falafel restaurants around Berlin, it is a really good product.

Quickly fried in a bit of oil, creates a very pleasant crispy exterior and the flavor, while less intense then the restaurants ones, is actually quite nice. There are a good number of falafel balls for the price and while not necessarily mind blowing isn't really a disappointment either. Solid but not great.


Surprise there is another Alnatura product that I used. Fresh Mint Hummus. Sounds great, right!

The problem I have with this product is the same problem I have with most of Alnatura products. A bland knock-off of something that could be really great. Hummus for vegetarians is sort of a given, a mandatory food group of it's own and while we all have our preferences, some like more garlic and some less, some more lemon some less but the one thing we all know is how it should taste like. Alnatura fails to deliver any sort of flavor in their Hummus, the texture is good, I can taste the chickpeas and tahini but that's where the flavor train stops. No depth of flavor, take a bit and almost the moment the hummus hits your mouth it disappears. I so want to love Alnatura but things like this hummus make it almost impossible for me.


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