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El Mexicano Taco - Berlin

I love Mexican food, all types of Mexican food and while Berlin has many options, very few of them offer an authentic taste of Mexico. Thankfully for me, El Mexicano happens to be one of the few exceptions, loaded with the authentic flavor of Mexico with just a hint of European influence.

I had the tacos and if you haven't had slightly more traditional tacos then the dried ones that you might by in the supermarket you may be surprised by the look of these tacos. But trust me, power through any reservations that you might have and dive fully in. This is a fully immersive experience, take the time, to just enjoy the freshness of each bite, how the flavor compliment each other and how the spice (if you like spice) helps give the dish that last little bit of kick.

My wife had the Quesadillas. Juicy, fresh, flavorful and simply one of the best I have ever had. There is not much more that I can even say than that. Genuinely effort bite made my mouth feel joyful. Food can't do better than that.


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