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Chapter 14 - Maui and the Palm Tree part 2

The sun ever determined to bleach my hair from a dark brown to a golden hue of yellow, continues to cast off great heat as I walked into the bar. I had made up my mind and knew that I was going to pursue these feelings I had. The glow of Maui, even after 3 weeks of being there, was simply growing as was the closeness I felt for her.

My hand pushes the door open, the darkness of the bar engulfs me in a black tunnel darkness. The smell of stale beer and even more stale people stings my eyes, but in that moment I see her. Standing by the pool table wear a white cotton shirt, jean shorts and sunglasses, she was holding on to a pool cue and smiling at me. I ordered my beer and soon our game of pool become a game of flirting. We teased and joked and the beer soon became another and another. Walking home through the rejuvenated sands, we laughed and joked even more. We came to the palm tree, where I had previously slept and soon we were sitting under the gentle protection of the palm leaves. We looked out onto the Ocean as the waves came and rolled onto the beach in the soft rhythm of a tribal dance, we joked and laughed till the sun was tired and looked to find a spot to sleep and the moon began to dance to it's full power.

Soon when all the world seemed to be in bed and we had seemingly ran of of things to talk about, we stretched out and listened to the waves, watching as the bright moon lit the tips of the waves as the stretched towards the sky and hearing them crashing down on the sandy earth at the edge of the water. I began to find my eyes become heavy, though I was forcing my will to keep me awake, I knew that there was nothing else I could do but drift off to a different world. At this moment when the war of attrition between my will and my eyes reached its peak, she lifts up on her one arm and suggest we go skinny-dipping. The war was won, my eyes bolted wide and it felt like I had just drank a liter of coffee.

As we floated on our backs, the gentle waves lifting us up then just as gently lowering us, our hands reached out and locked into place and we just held the moment for as long as possible. The quietness of the moment not needing any sort of comment or soundtrack, we just floated and stared up as the moon started to become tired and the stars began to dim.

We swam to the edge of the water and got to our clothes, slipped them on just as the first of the morning dog walkers started their walk towards us. We walked back to the house that we were staying at and climbed into bed, to get a few hours of sleep.

After two hours, the wedding couple had wanted to take us out to lunch, a goodbye meal and so woke us, as this was the last day in Maui and we all wanted to bask in the tranquility just a moment longer. Tired but happy, we had a great meal over looking the beach and walked thru a town that was filled with art and funky shops. It was a momentary escape from the pressures of what ever this attraction was and what ever we were going to do about it. We had all wanted to go for another swim in the ocean and so going back to the house, changing I was very much anticipating another moment with her, another chance to see if there was something there or not.

I was standing on the edge of the beach, waiting. The waves crashing loudly as the force of the previous moon had caused them to be in an uproar today and soon I found fantasizing about the what-ifs. I had just gotten out of a relationship, one that had left me in total ruins and knew that I should be careful not to let myself be dragged back into such a place, but as I started to close up, I saw as she appeared off in the distance walking towards me. The fear of being crushed, quieted itself as she approached. Her normal smile, gone. In it's place a slight frown. She tells me that she is unsure, we live so far apart and there is another guy...


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