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Chapter 13 - Maui and the Palm Tree - part 1

The stars begin to blink as the light flips from day to night and the moon casts its reflection across the ocean. My hand rests softly on the lower back as we slowly move from side to side as the music continues to quiet the afternoon excitement. Every inch of every cell vibrates with the intensity of the moment, the perfect backdrop to this ecstasy. The waves continue to provide the background song in the quiet moments, the occasional seagull singing with joy as they find their resting spot for the night and we continue to shuffle our bare feet in the sand and enjoy an excitable contentment that can only happen in these moments of over the top romanticism. The feeling of endlessness comes to a close as the singer ends his ballad and there becomes a moment where we hold our bodies in an un-wanting and unwilling to separate pause in life, like the power of Maui Gods locking us together for all of eternity. Sadly this to comes to an end as the music picks up, a quicker song, no longer appropriate to dance close and to dance slowly, our bodies go in different directions as their needs require different things.

Mine seeks a moment of reflection and calming; hers, seeks a glass of wine and laughter.

The wedding of our mutual friends still fresh in my mind as the moment of reflection leads me to the edge of the pacific ocean. My feet carelessly break the edge of the water and soon they find themselves ankle deep in the still warm salted water. My cotton pants become wet at the edges as I walk down the beach in the water, while pondering what was happening. I had fallen deep and fast and we had met for the first time just a couple of days before but there was an immediate connection, locked at the hip as we explored the beautiful island of Maui, laughing and enjoying each step.

My attraction was obvious, she was gorgeous and lit up the dormant parts of my inner being but I wasn't sure where she was at. Could someone so wonderful really find something special in me? I had my doubts but my desire was decisively stronger then was my doubt.

My feet soon found their way back to the party, the bride and groom going strong, dancing and laughing as the songs blare from the speakers. And so the night goes, the moon finds its way to the top of the sky, the tides continue their harmonious dance and I take my place next to her. Laughter and glee emerges from our mouths, as the group around us forms into a larger group, only to find that the music had stopped and there was just a handful of newly formed friends, laughing and sharing wine and beer at the edge of paradise.

And one by one the party goers find their way to their beds. I lay in bed with deep reflection of the night and of the dance. Sleep seems to shape into a mythical creature and so I get my bathing suit on and go for a swim in the Ocean. The moon provide the light and the waves provide songs as I lay on my back and float while gazing at the stars and dreaming of possibilities. The gentle motion of the tides, soon brings a peacefulness to me and my eyes grow heavy with sleep.

I swim slowly out of the Ocean and find myself a palm tree to finish out the sleep. The next day, when I woke, I knew that this feeling that I had was more then just an attraction, I had a growing sense of something deeper. I spend the next day at the same palm tree, determined to figure out what my next move was.


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