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Cebo's Gemuse Döner

For those that don't live in Berlin...or Germany for that matter, you may not realize the importance of the Döner here in Berlin. Almost a perfect street food. Quick, inexpensive and incredibly tasty. Döner's are a big part of the everyday life here.

(traditionally Döners are made with meat, I of course only ever worry about the Vegetarian version)

So on this day, I tried out Cebo's Gemuse (vegetable) Döner, which is located at the corner of Muthesiusstraße and Schloßstraße.

And while this was the first time I had had a Döner from Cebo's it won't be the last. Fresh tasting and loaded with an amazing flavor, this was a special treat

Cebos Döner

Loaded with fresh shredded lettuce, red cabbage, tomatoes, onions and feta cheese, this jem also had fried potatoes and carrots. The addition of the fried potatoes and carrots added a hearty additional flavor that while might be too heavy for me in the summer, in a slightly cooler spring day was exactly what I needed. I had a herb sauce added to mine which added both a nice creaminess and a nice light herb which didn't overpower the individual tastes of the vegetables or cheese. But the highlight for me was the bread, if you have had a Döner with a crappy bread, you know how important the bread can be. And this bread was perfect, crispy, flavorful and strong enough to hold all those amazing ingredients together, which can be a bit of a challenge. So to those amazing folk as Cebo's, well done, well done indeed!


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