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Berlin Vegan Summer Festival 2018

One of my favorite things is a festival where you can go and just eat anything and everything without worry or thought. Welcome Berlin Veganes Sommerfest.

I love cute things, I love cows and when you combine the two even better.

Maybe nothing captures the feel of Berlin better then these pics.

But of course, for me a Vegan Fest is about the food and there was some amazing foods on display here.

Normally I take a lot of food pictures but I didn't want to look like that guy, so here's the only one I took. An Israeli dish called Katchapuni with roasted cauliflower and Garbanzo bean (chickpea) served on a fresh pita with an avocado dressing. Yep, it was as good as it looked!

I love good vegan ice cream. And when I find a good one, I become a very happy man. Case in point, Yogi-Eis. There are some fantastic vegan ice cream places in Berlin; really a lot, but do yourself a favor and go for a scoop of this ice cream. Really Terrific!

But for me the real high point and the stall that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it and can't wait to order a ton of products from is; "peaceful delicious TEMPEH"....I love tempeh, I love all different kinds of tempeh: traditional, black bean, red bean, garbanzo bean and pinto beans. And these different forms of tempeh can be difficult to find in the mainstream stores. Watch out for next week, when I take their tempeh burger and do my best to give it the proper respect that it deserves!


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