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Bean Burger - My Mighty Foe

I love a good burger. I find it to be one of the great pleasures of life, along of course with Josh Ritter's Music. But I must confess that while I have a certain amount of pride in being able to cook almost anything, the Bean Burger is one of those items that just seem to escape my grasp. A bean burger must first be tasty (this I can achieve) and second it must hold together, it must look like a burger and from a texture stand point, feel like a burger when I eat it.

I learnt a long time ago that a lot of sins in the kitchen can be forgiven if the food looks great but I also have found that texture is so critical to the success of a dish. So maybe it's my own personal issue but I put a lot of importance on texture. And a burger with a mushy texture doesn't work for me. Over the years I have tried at least a hundred different bean burger recipes, some mash the beans and some keep them whole and while some tasted great, the texture of all of them was terrible. I can add some gluten or tofu and fix the texture but I wanted to make a pure bean burger with the right texture and great taste, so my latest attempt started with the following ingredients.

Not a bad start, flavor good ( a bit saltier then I would normally make them but know your audience and the guests I had over this day were smokers (normally smokers need a little more salt) and the I had hopes for a great texture though at the stage I knew already it would be perfect.

Next I prepared some of the extras, lightly caramelized onions, self made vegan mayo and avocado...

And just like that....

Taste was great! Texture was not.... So yet again the Bean Burger bests me and like Dr. Claw you to say at the end of each episode of Inspector Gadget, "you won today, Bean Burger but I'll be back....."

#Vegan #WholeFoods

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