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Banana Bites

My wife loves bananas, well she loves slightly yellow but mostly green bananas; which means we have almost an endless supply of yellow nearly black bananas. So the task of finding something to do with the bananas that isn't always banana bread is a weekly endeavor. I do love banana bread but there's a limit.

And like all the recipes that I actually enjoy making, this one is simple and you can do almost anything to it and it still works and is delicious.

1. Start with banana's and cut them (seriously it works better this way.)


2. Put on favorite Josh Ritter album

Josh Ritter

3. Take coconut flour and add your favorite spice....okay here's where it gets a bit complicated. Not every spice works for bananas. So if you are new to bananas follow the classics like, allspice, clove, nutmeg. If you are comfortable with these think about cinnamon but cinnamon and bananas sometimes doesn't work. And if you are truly a pro look towards cardamon or a cayenne but really not for the beginner because one fleck to much and the finished dish would be better in the garbage then in your mouth. Also, a little sugar can be nice but the banana is sweet and a dusting of powdered sugar at the end not only looks nice but adds a bit to the taste. With the dish like most, follow the 'KISS' principle (Keep It Simple Stupid).

Flour with Spice

4. Add a little coconut milk. Just enough to make a thickish batter. Stir to break up any lumps.

5. Put a small amount of coconut flour in another bowl, and season with just a hint of salt.

6. Put some oil in a hot frying pan on medium heat (don't go easy on the oil)

Frying banana

7. Place cut bananas gently, one at a time in the flour. Once coated in flour add one at a time to the batter mixture, avoid crowding and fry. Really important, is make sure oil is hot enough. If you are unsure, best bet is to look for wisps of smoke coming off the oil....this doesn't mean full smoke show....if you don't know what a wisp is google it....just a bit of smoke....if your oil to too cold, it will become this greasy soggy mess that won't taste like anything and if your oil is too hot it will burn, not only your bananas but maybe your use common sense.

8. After golden brown 2-3 min flip and cook for addition 1-2 min.

9. Take out of pan with either a fork or slotted spoon, these keeps the oil in the pan and not all over the kitchen. Also a good idea after frying place banana pieces on some paper towel, it helps to both remove a bit of the oil and keep the bananas crisp.

10. Eat with a little maple syrup or how ever you want

banana bites


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